Bachelor Project HKU | Critical Design


Cameras and other technological products make for a better and safer living environment than ever before. Mega databanks and high-resolution cameras in the streets stock hundreds of exabytes a year. But who has access to this data? It is possible that it could have commercial use, hence not only retail companies but also the advertisement industry could be very interested in this data in the coming future. They would hope to gain these personal data and information as much as they can. In the future, the advertisement could call your name when you walk along the streets. The companies would know your interests and may set different retail strategies for you. It could be convenient for customers, but personal thoughts and opinions should be kept private.

Concept by Jing-cai Liu

Wearable face projector– A small beamer projects a different appearance on your face, giving you a completely new appearance. This product protects you from privacy violations.

Milan design week 2017
Design Gallery Utrecht 2017
DDW, Robot Love 2018
Bring Your Own Beamer Ghent 2019
Muestra Colectiva, AWA Cultura 2020



This is one of the designs that are made in 2017 by students (Marcel Coufrer, Sanne Weekers, Joppe Besseling, Jip van Leeuwenstein, and Jing-cai Liu) from the University of Arts Utrecht. The designs should provoke debates about the emerging future. With the theme Dystopian Future, we create different prototypes about privacy and identity. The products were about staying anonymous in a fictional, futuristic world where face-recognizing is a big thing. Most of the designs are not working products. For more information about the group project and the other designs, please watch the group project video and the HKU page of this project.